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Simple Zipper Pouch

Pencil Pouch9

My re-introduction to sewing started with this simple zipper pouch.  I found a beginner class on Craftsy.com and jumped right in!  I started with this project in a purple and polka dot fabric combo that I found in Fat Quarters on sale at JoAnn’s.

Pencil Pouch6

I learned quite a bit about my old sewing machine.  I had actually moved the thing from apartment to apartment since 2005 as my hubbie and I have moved from Gainesville, FL to Boston, MA and now to Syracuse, NY for our graduate educations.  My sweetie bought me this Brother LS1717 in 2005 and it took me until 2013 to open the box! Ooops!

Pencil Pouch3


I learned a clever trick for zippers from this Craftsy class.  A regular ole’ glue stick works perfectly to temporarily hold the zipper tape to the fabric while you run to the sewing machine to baste it in place.  I have heard nightmares about pinning zipper tape, so I am relieved that this glue stick method makes zippers not scary at all!

Pencil Pouch2


Just a narrow line of glue along the top edge of the zipper tape is all it takes to hold the fabric together.  I used the children’s glue stick that goes on purple and dries clear.  This made it even easier to see where I was gluing.

The best part: Once the glue dries, there isn’t even a trace of it!  No sticky mess!

Pencil Pouch4



Pencil Pouch5

Ironing between each step was great assurance that my bag would end up with perfect corners and square edges in the end.

Pencil Pouch8

I love this adorable little handle on the side.  It is super convenient for grabbing this pouch on the go!  Surprisingly, it didn’t add much bulk when sewing the top corner.  It gives a cute reveal of the adorable fabric that is on the inside of the pouch.

Pencil Pouch7

I love the magic of turning the work inside right at the end and how everything just works out! Oh the fun of crafting!


Pencil Pouch10


As I work on my sewing skills, stay tuned for more of my crafting adventures as I kick it up a notch!



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