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‘Downton Abbey’ inspired Lucy Hat


I’m crazy about Downton Abbey!  I love the cloche hat – so stylish! So of course, I fell head over heels for this pattern!  It’s called The Lucy Hat.  It’s made with the most amazing yarn called Madelinetosh Tosh Vintage in “Hickory” and “Tart”.  I had a difficult time tracking down these colorways, but ultimately landed a skein of each from Jimmy Beans Wool.  Woot! Woot!  (Even though the stock was listed as 0, it shipped to me the next business day! It certainly pays to ask! Excellent customer service!)

I tried to substitute with “Teddy Bear” and “Byzantine” – which are the similar but more muted than these.


Wrap Stitch: I found the verypink.com tutorials helpful here. I was relieved to find that it wasn’t necessary to pick up the wraps in subsequent rows. What a relief! I think sparing us that challenge was kind of the designer. :)


I just watched ‘Christmas at Downton’ last night.  It was fun to see all the cloche hats in action!  I love the post-war style; as the ladies’ clothes get a little more simple, their accessories have a chance to shine!  (Especially these hats!) My Season 2 DVD has a special feature, in which the actors discuss their characters’ style of dress throughout the season.  I love it!


My Knit Notes:

5/19/13: This is my first experience with Madelinetosh.  This hickory colorway is everything I was hoping for. It has great color variety and richness. I was going to substitute with Teddy Bear, but I am so glad I didn’t. It was more solid color without the variation that I love a out Hickory. No shedding so far. It’s a quite durable fiber, which is perfect for a hat. It seems like it will stand up to years of use.

5/20/13: short rows done! Ready for the contrast color!

DSC_0912 (640x427)

5/21/13: stockinette in the round = knit every round. Why is this so confusing? I wish the designer would just say knit! This is the first time I’ve seen this straight knit referred to as stockinette in a circular pattern. I’m glad I was paying close attention to the model photo and realized there is no purling in the mid-section.

DSC_0910 (640x468)

5/25/13: I decided to make the body a bit longer than the pattern suggests. I went for 6.25 instead of 5.25 inches.  This is a testament to the customization you can achieve when creating garments with yourself in mind.  I love wearing hats low and over my ears a bit.  To suit me and to prevent tugging from making the top perfectly round, I added one inch.

DSC_0905 (593x640)

5/29/13: All done! Ends weaved in! I decided not to sew down the flap, I think its “adjustability” will be beneficial with use.

DSC_0909 (640x439)


I truly LOVED making this project.  I have my eye on a similar pattern that will use this same type of yarn.  I am a BIG fan of Madelinetosh after this and I can’t wait to order a blue hue for a hat for my husband.  It knit up very fast!  Since it is knit from the bottom upwards, the challenge of the flap is over right up front and then the easy mindless knitting of the body begins.  I loved the top decreases.  It adds a subtle sophistication to this project.  I also think that this pattern is so gorgeous because it is perfectly suited to this Tosh Vintage yarn.  It has enough firmness to keep a shape and enough stability to withstand use during wear.  I love it!

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Brrr Bear by Spud & Chloe

Brrr Bear Spud Chloe12

In a drastic attempt to distract me from the torturous bar exam prep I was enduring this past January, I embarked on an equally challenging (yet way more fun!) project.  I ordered the Spud & Chloe pattern called “3 Brrr Bears” from WEBS (www.yarn.com).  It was my first stuffed animal to knit EVER…actually my first project with any real intricacy.

This project was an absolute lifesaver.  It was truly calming to knit a small piece each night after a grueling study day.  I always felt that knitting was great stress relief.  But, I can honestly say it is the best therapy!  It was a great way to wind down and to top it all off, I have this incredibly adorable bear to remember this life altering challenge I survived this past winter… passing the bar exam!

Sweater Yarn in "Ice Cream"

Sweater Yarn in “Ice Cream”

My Knit Notes:

2/4/13: Supplies arrived! My first impression of sweater yarn = scrumptious! I can’t wait to get this yarn wound and get started. (I ordered 4 instead of 3 skeins after reading several ravelry projects of the medium brrr bear that noted needing an extra.)

2/6/13: Wound 1 skein by hand. I like the “turkey baster” technique – worked like a charm and wound up fast. Off to a great start on the Body. Realize now that I still need a few supplies…

Current Shopping List: 
Muslin Fabric 
Poly Pellets 
Sweater Yarn in Penguin (7522) 
Craft Eyes (21mm)from http://60-60.blogspot.com/2008/08/plastic-safety-eye-size…

Brrr Bear Spud Chloe3Brrr Bear Spud Chloe2
2/8/13: This yarn is a delight to work with. It makes the most perfect little v’s. I am surprised how fast it is coming along, considering there are now 100+ stitches per row. I am still working on the Body, almost ready to decrease again. Now that the work is shaped like a bag, it is super convenient to carry my active ball of yarn. Since it is so easily transported, I am taking it everywhere like this! :)

Brrr Bear Spud Chloe5

2/13/13: The body and head pieces are ready for filling, so I have had to set them aside while I wait to buy the rest of my supplies. Last night I started my first leg. The edge pickup was challenging and it’s too soon to tell if there will be holes along the seam. It seems daunting to have 3 more legs just like it still to go. I have to admit this project is a great way to learn new stitches, finishing techniques, etc.

Brrr Bear Spud Chloe7Brrr Bear Spud Chloe6

 So far I have conquered the pfb and ssk, which were both new to me. I have also learned the felted splice joining technique, not sure how I feel about it yet, but its certainly holding. I have done the edge pickup on socks before but this project is a great refresher. By the time I get 4 legs, I should have some confidence in the technique. Here’s hoping!

I have completed the ears and tail pieces. They are so cute! And work up really fast! I love that the cast on tail becomes the yarn used to attach to the bear. So convenient!

I have read that the stuffing and sewing should be done as you finish each piece, but unfortunately my sewing is piling up because I don’t have any filing on hand. This seems daunting to a novice seamstress. I hope to tackle this aspect of the project soon.


2/14/13: Finished the first hind leg last night! What a feat! I am excited to start the next one. A few pictures added of the pieces, all still without filing yet. Luckily, i have a few spare cables to hold the work at the filing spot while I move on to other pieces. I ordered the craft eyes from Etsy yesterday. Can’t wait to see them! I selected the 21mm size in Black.

Brrr Bear Spud Chloe8

2/16/13: The second hind leg is complete. With all the pieces sitting together, this little guy is so adorable! I can’t wait to sew him together!


Delay: Bar Exam – Feb 2013

3/5/13: Picked up the muslin fabric, poly pellets, and stuffing today. I sewed little pouches for the poly pellets for each hind leg paw and one for the body. The bear really came to life! I used black safety eyes (see link above).

Brrr Bear Spud Chloe11

3/7/13: Added the last 2 legs and he is super cute! So cuddly! Only ears and tail to go!

3/17/13: All done! This has to be my most favorite project I have ever made! I don’t make many for myself, but I am really happy to have splurged on this one and created something I will cherish forever. Maybe it will be a special treasure for my future child someday! :)

With this project, I met some incredibly kind knitters on Ravelry.  I asked one fellow knitter, who had previously completed this project, for a few tips and made a wonderful friend!  In search of enough Sweater Yarn in Penguin for the nose, I met a wonderfully sweet knitter who offered to mail me a few yards from her stash  - no questions asked.  I feel so grateful to have met these kind women and I love belonging to the Ravelry community.

Check out this project and connect with me on Ravelry!

In the end, I named him “Sherlock” because I am absolutely addicted to the new show on CBS called “Elementary.”  I watch it every week with my guy Sherlock by my side. :)  I hope to make Sherlock a buddy soon.  I am going to start the Purlbee Bobble Sheep project in the next few weeks.

Stay Tuned!

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