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Personalized Luggage Tag

Luggage Tag 1


I made this personalized luggage tag with Echino Decoro Fabric “Buck Turquoise” and Dear Stella “Honey Crisp/Twiggy Brown”.  It was my first project with a button hole.  My new sewing machine makes this a breeze!   The button hole makes the perfect way to attach the ribbon.

Luggage Tag 2


I found a very helpful tutorial from Soubelles that includes step-by-step directions.

Luggage Tag 3

This print makes me giggle!  I love this Buck in eyeglasses!


Kitchen Gear with Attitude

Sewing Pot holder 1

For an accessory to my Father’s Day present, I embellished a pot holder with the same Echino “Buck with Glasses” Fabric.   I pre-washed and ironed a scrap to prepare for this project.

Trimming the fabric was tricky due to the repeating pattern.  I wanted to showcase a Buck in the bottom center.  Unfortunately, that meant there would be a small part of another deer peeking out on the side.

Sewing Pot holder 2

I carefully folded in the edges and pinned the fabric in place.  Using a neutral colored thread, I slowly machine stitched around the perimeter to tack it in place.

Sewing Pot holder 6Sewing Pot holder 4











I found this Room Essentials set of 2 Pot Holders and Oven Mitt at Target.  I thought the tan was the perfect neutral background for my Echino Fabric by Etsuko Furuya “Buck with Glasses” (EF500 in Blue).

Sewing Pot holder 5


Sewing Pot holder 3

Voila!  Here is a peek at the whole gift set:

Kitchen Towels Buck with Glasses 9

 This project was so much fun!  I love practical and personalized gifts and lucky for my Dad –  this one is both! :)

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