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Personalized Luggage Tag

Luggage Tag 1


I made this personalized luggage tag with Echino Decoro Fabric “Buck Turquoise” and Dear Stella “Honey Crisp/Twiggy Brown”.  It was my first project with a button hole.  My new sewing machine makes this a breeze!   The button hole makes the perfect way to attach the ribbon.

Luggage Tag 2


I found a very helpful tutorial from Soubelles that includes step-by-step directions.

Luggage Tag 3

This print makes me giggle!  I love this Buck in eyeglasses!


Whimsical Kitchen Towels

Kitchen Towels Buck with Glasses 6

Adding a little whimsy to your kitchen is easy with this project!  I found an interesting way to embellish kitchen towels to add some jazz to an otherwise plain ole’ towel.  For some inspiration, I found the this tutorial helpful on Sew4Home that includes detailed measurement suggestions and technique tips.

Kitchen Towels Buck with Glasses 2

As a special Father’s Day present, I embellished two kitchen towels for my Dad.  He recently renovated his kitchen, so accessorizing now is a must!  He loves using blue accents.  I thought this Echino “Buck with Glasses” Fabric was perfect for my Dad – the avid deer hunter and father of 2 eyeglass-wearing daughters. 8)

Kitchen Towels Buck with Glasses 4


I found a complementary fabric of beige bubbles at my local JoAnn store.  I used it to trim the blue Echino print and add a soft detail to the kitchen towels.    The towels are 100% cotton Room Essentials brand from Target and measure 16 inches by 26 inches.  The subtle lattice detail in the towels adds another layer of texture.

Kitchen Towels Buck with Glasses 3

I added a special embroidery on one towel for my special gift recipient. :)  My new sewing machine, Brother PC 420, has so many fun options for decorative stitches and lettering.  It was a fun experiment!

Kitchen Towels Buck with Glasses 7 I decided to make two different designs, as seen here.  It was fun to alternate the fabric dimensions a bit.

Kitchen Towels Buck with Glasses 8

 Voila!  Super cute kitchen towels!

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