“Sheldon” the Bobble Sheep

Bobble Sheep 9

My first adventure with Bobbles! Woot Woot! Learning a “Bobble” stitch has been on my “Knit Before I Die” list for a long time.  When I saw this adorable project on the PurlBee.com blog, I just fell in love Kiss ………

PATTERN: http://www.purlbee.com/bobble-sheep-pillow/

It is made with 2 luscious yarns:

  • Blue Sky Alpaca Sport Weight in Dark Gray – 1 skein
  • Purl Soho Super Soft Merino in Heirloom White – 3 skeins


Bobble Sheep 4

My Knit Notes:

4/5/13: I am getting the hang of the bobble stitch. Thank heaven for the mini tutorial on Purl Bee -http://www.purlbee.com/bobble-5-stitch-garter-bobble/

This is my first project with the Crochet chain cast-on technique (aka Provisional Cast On), so I am anxious to see how it turns out when I have to return to the live stitches on the belly. I found this tutorial SUPER helpful for the Provision Cast On method: http://verypink.com/2011/02/15/provisional-cast-on/

Bobble Sheep 3

It is so adorable already! The bobbles have such an interesting texture that I love holding it even when I’m not in the knitting throws. The side gusset worked out perfectly. The pillow architecture is coming together beautifully.

There is a typo on Row 17. There is any extra “K2” before the SM. Disregard that.

I added new pictures – showing my progress. I am now starting the mid-section of the Sheep. No more increasing! :) The instruction for the markers is incredibly helpful.

Bobble Sheep 2

4/16/13: Starting the decrease! Starting the last skein of the Merino! I’m getting nervous about the other parts, but hopefully I will conquer my fears soon. Picked up a mini Sheep toy for Karma, my dog. Now she can have her own! Looks the same!

Bobble Sheep 5

4/22/13: The body is complete! I survived the kitchener stitch to close up the back. Now, its on to the head! I wish that I would have waited to weave in the ends because I just realized that I will be picking up stitches in this same area to create the head and ears. I hope I don’t accidentally pick up the weaved-in ends as new stitches!

Bobble Sheep 8

4/27/13: Oh no! Yesterday I cast on the head beautifully and knit the whole thing – ready for kitchener stitch and a little stuffing – when I realized that I had put the head on the tail’s spot! I was devastated!! I had already cut the yarn and everything! I can’t believe I never noticed. I knit the piece in one sitting, so I guess I never laid it down to notice the curvature where the head should be. I snapped a few pictures, then ‘frogged’ the head into a small center-wound ball and I am ready to try again on the correct place soon. Wish me luck! lol!

Bobble Sheep 6

5/1/13: Almost there…. Finished the head (now in the right spot..lol), added the adorable ears and tail. The ears are so cute! They give this sheep such personality. I was debating on including the ears, but I am so glad that I went for it. The tail is pretty plain, but adds spunk nonetheless.

Bobble Sheep 10

I also did the body stuffing and final grafting to close the belly today. I wish that I would have left a longer tail at the initial cast on because I ran out during the Kitchener stitch and had to add on about a foot. I love how it turned out. Now only feet to go! lol! what a pun!

My Insight:

I think the pattern needs some clarification -

  1. When casting on for the head: you make 3 stitches for each one picked up only on the left and right sides of the head (not the top of the head). Its a 3-sided head. For the top, you only make one out of each one picked up. Therefore, 15 becomes 45 on left, 15 becomes 45 on the right, and 2 becomes 2 on the top. Total: 92 stitches after the set up. Then this is divided onto 4 DPNs for 16,30,30,16.
  2. I used DPNs for the head and the markers kept slipping off, so I decided to clip them onto the yarn in the row below so I could see them but didn’t have to slip each round or worry about them constantly falling off. This was effective.
  3. When casting on initially make sure you leave a tail that is long enough for the final stage – Kitchener stitch. I had to add some length at the end and it felt awkward. I wish I would have known to leave more than a few inches, which I typically leave for weaving in.
  4. There should be clearer notation that the tail is NOT knit in the round. I made it first connecting in the round, only to rip it back out and try again. Since it comes right after the ears, I was in circular mode I guess. :)

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