My Adventure: Amy Butler’s Weekender Tote Bag

 Weekender Tote 18

For my first Amy Butler project, I fell in love with the Weekender Tote Bag pattern.  An customized overnight bag sounded so romantic, so I dove in head first!  I am pleased with the results and my improved skills.  I hope my detailed account of this experience will be helpful to those attempting this project.

cWeekender Tote 12

Weekender Tote 1

I found the cutest home decor fabric by HGTV at my local JoAnn Store.  I took the time during the cutting phase to make the exterior pocket pieces match the pattern exactly for the pieces cut for the front and back exterior panels.  This made all the difference in the final result.


Weekender Tote 2


Weekender Tote 3

Weekender Tote 5

Creating my own piping was actually quite fun.  Sewing the strips together on a bias was challenging to get the angle exact, but it worked up beautifully.  I only purchased the cotton cording required and it was an accurate estimate of the piping needed.  Only a small segment was discarded in the end.


Weekender Tote 8 Weekender Tote 7 Weekender Tote 6

When making this zipper, I am so happy that I decided to trust the instructions and throw logic out the window.  I have no idea how it turned out so perfectly because the instructions were a bit bizarre in instructing you to sew over the zipper and close it in completely.  But in the end, it’s gorgeous!  I’m completely shocked!

Weekender Tote 11

For me, this was the end of the easy part of the pattern.  I had no issues when creating the front and back panels and the zipper piece.  However, when I started with the joining process I was in pure misery.  I had to rescue my bobbin from a nest of tangled thread so many times!  Not only do you have to join the pieces, but you also have to be mindful of the alignment of the piping! Oh the nightmare!

Weekender Tote 16 Weekender Tote 15 Weekender Tote 14

The binder clips look hilarious!  It was the only way to keep the pieces together while sewing.  I had to throw away a few dozen bent pins after this project.  Oh well!


Weekender Tote 20Weekender Tote 13

I added silver purse feet to the bottom of the Weekender Tote.  Since I used a lighter fabric for the exterior, I thought it would be a good idea to keep the fabric off the floor as much as possible.  I also finished the project with a light mist of Scotch Guard.


Weekender Tote 19

The interior was the worst part of this crafting experience.  I didn’t look ahead to realize that it would require extensive hand sewing.  It took at least a week for my fingers to heal!  The interior sewing was incredibly awkward because the fabric shifts as you pull it open to do the actual sewing.  This causes some looseness inside.  I tried my best to keep it tight, away from the zipper and tacked well in the corners.

My Reflection:

All in all, the project was a satisfying experience.  In hindsight, it was probably too advanced for my newbie-level skills.  I can’t believe I used my old sewing machine – it struggled so much to sew on the thickness this project required.  We both survived, but my old Brother LS1717 is a little worse for wear.

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