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DIY Tufted Headboard




After scouring the market for a new headboard, Mr.P&P and I decided we would have more fun (and save $) by attempting to make our own.  So, here it goes!

Shopping for upholstery fabric was really fun.  JoAnn Fabrics had tons of options and they always have great coupons.  We selected this soft beige color with a subtle sheen.

Next, the shape!  So many great options available:



We selected the Belgrave option and got to work!


After selecting a shape, we trimmed the MDF for the perfect base.


Then, we drew a grid for pre-drilling our button holes.



To save cash on the padding, we opted for a foam mattress topper we found on Amazon.  This worked perfectly!  Only a little trimming was necessary and we didn’t have to bother with multiple layers, etc.  This mattress topper was about 3-4 inches thick.  Perfect for tufting!



I found pre-strung pewter nail head trim at JoAnn Fabrics.  This queen size headboard required a few packages to get around the top and sides.


Our dog, Karma, was very confused by all of the crafting going on.  She’s not used to getting a view of my crafting projects in progress.  Working on the floor was the easiest.

You can see in the picture (above) that we used a french cleat to hang the headboard.  Perfect fit!

 DIY Buttons! 


To have the perfect buttons, we had to make our own.  I picked up a DIY Button tool and got to work!  It turns out that the lid of a K-Cup is the perfect stencil for these 1-3/8 inch buttons.  


Also, waxed thread is a MUST! It took a little teamwork to get the upholstery needle through the fabric and foam and finally to pull the thread tightly and staple it down to create the perfect “tufts.”  But it was a memory we will have forever… and we have a great memento to show for it:


Making our own furniture was so fun! I highly recommend it! Research and a little muscle made the whole experience super fun.  I love the final result!

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